What we treat

The Centre is responsible for the diagnosis, therapy and follow-up of these chronic and disabling rare diseases:


Orphanet Code: ORPHA3280; ORPHA99856 Primary-Congenital; ORPHA99857 Secondary; ORPHA99858 Idiopathic; ORPHA370034 Familial.

National Exemption Code (Italy): RF0410 - Nervous System Diseases and sense organs.


Orphanet Code: ORPHA268882 Type I; ORPHA1136 Type II

National Exemption Code (Italy)RN0010 - Congenital Malformations.


Syringomyelia and Arnold-Chiari Syndrome are separate conditions which affect the Nervous System but which often happen together.

Both are relatively rare disorders but are now being diagnosed more easily, with the increasingly widespread use of modern scanning technology (MRI).

Diagnosis of Syringomyelia and Chiari Syndrome requires the clinical manifestation (with symptoms and signs) in addition to the radiological evidence of malformation.

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